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Sophie M • 21 Novembre 2020

Pour la fin de l'exploitation des rennes :…


Rongeurs tués dans le centre correctionnel en Virginie :…

Pour mettre fin à l'industrie de la laine :…

Pour que Wish mette fin à la fourrure :…

Pour exiger la fin de l'exploitation des singes pour le lait de coco :…

Chasse aux trophées en Afrique du Sud, le président de ce pays y participe :…

Favoris de produits dans thème vegan :……

Sauver des chiens enfermés dans des universités américaines :…

Aider des animaux :…

Contre les peaux exotiques d'Hermès :…

Contre l'expérimentation animale :…

Exiger que des marques mettent fin à la fourrure :…


Huge News: Beyond Meat and McDonald's to Test Plant-Based Menu Items in 2021

For decades, PETA has pushed McDonald's to add vegan items to its menu. We're pleased to hear that the company has partnered with Beyond Meat on its new McPlant line coming soon.


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Dogs Deserve Better Than This

Without proper shelter, dogs kept outside during winter's worst will struggle to survive. Will you help one of them today?


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Circus Endangering Animals During the Pandemic, Company Exploiting Sheep, and More

Your actions help win victories for animals—and they only take a minute! This month, we need your help to tell Loomis Bros. Circus to nix animal acts and stop putting both animals and the public in danger. Please also urge Allbirds to stop selling wool—especially since it knows that sheep are killed in the wool industry—and complete our other quick actions.


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The Face of Fashion Is Fear: Urban Outfitters' Brands Put Profit Above Animals' Lives

Workers in the leather industry castrate and brand animals and cut off their tails before forcing them to endure arduous journeys to the slaughterhouse. Goats exploited for mohair were picked up by the tail, thrown, and mutilated with knives and pliers. Sheep and alpacas were hit and kicked and endured other forms of abuse. Tell Urban Outfitters that you'll be doing your holiday shopping elsewhere until it commits to selling only vegan materials.


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MUST-SEE FILM: Watch Breaking the Chain for Free on Prime Video

From executive producer Anjelica Huston, the eye-opening film Breaking the Chain follows people who provide scores of animals with shelter, food, care, and, of course, love. Watch the documentary for free on Prime Video, and until December 9, it's only 99 cents on Apple TV, iTunes, and Vimeo.


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Eli and Susie Forced to Perform, Then Abandoned at a Pseudo-Sanctuary

Chimpanzees used in commercials and films were taken away from their mothers shortly after birth, causing psychological harm to both mothers and infants. Dozens of top advertising agencies have banned the use of endangered chimpanzees and other great apes in their ads for ethical reasons, yet Suburban Auto Group continues to promote its outdated commercials featuring young chimpanzees like Eli and Susie.


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Some Restaurants Are Serving Octopuses and Other Animals ALIVE

They're pulled from a tank, flung onto a table, pinned down as their arms and legs are cut off, and served to diners. Octopuses are playful, resourceful, and inquisitive. They possess long-term and short-term memories and are among the most highly evolved invertebrates. They feel pain, and cutting off their tentacles is no different than chopping a dog's leg off piece by piece. This barbaric practice needs to end now.


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AirBridgeCargo Reportedly Resumes Transporting Monkeys for Experimentation

Even though AirBridgeCargo had a policy not to transport monkeys destined for experimentation anywhere in the world, insiders reported that the airline transported a shipment of live monkeys on November 2 from Cambodia to the U.S., where they will be sent to laboratories and used for cruel and deadly experiments. Now the airline is refusing to explain this apparent violation of its own policy. Please write to the company and urge it not to ship monkeys to laboratories and to stop evading questions.


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FAQs: Everything You Need to Know for Celebrating 'ThanksVegan'

Let's give thanks while practicing kindness. Whether you're gathering on Zoom or in person or hosting or attending a dinner, PETA shares top tips for celebrating a vegan Thanksgiving (aka "ThanksVegan") and provides answers to common dinner-table questions.


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