Formation au militantisme par Greenpeace International - EN LIGNE

Benjamin Lemesle • 19 Mars 2020

Bonjour à tou-te-s !

Greenpeace International organise 6 modules de formation entre le 23 mars et le 30 avril (inscription ouverte jusqu'au 31 mars). Objectif de la formation : "Aider les militants écologistes à s'organiser, à s'engager et à lutter contre toutes les formes de destruction de la planète, contre le dérèglement climatique et les injustices sociales". Rien que ça :) 

La formation est disponible en anglais et en espagnol. Nous allons voir dans quelle mesure nous pouvons la décliner en français, mais pas d'engagement à ce stade.

Découvrez-en davantage sur le contenu de cette formation et les modalités d'inscription dans l'appel ci-dessous !


Hello everyone,
As most of you know, some years ago a team lead by Markus, designed Leadership training for volunteers.
End of 2019 and the beginning of this year a group of people adapted to be an online course and we run the first version in the online e-learning system, Greenpeace Open Academy.
As some of the offices are experiencing difficult moments with the need to be at home and volunteers unable to do offline activities, we decided to launch a new version of the Global Volunteer Leadership Training to support the community. 
In that version, we will run also a Spanish version of the course. 
We will start recruiting people today. The course will be open on Monday 23rd, but people can join until March 31st (as the first tasks are self-paced)
Please, share with your volunteers but also with your network, everyone (GP volunteer or not) can join.


It is open to anyone, anywhere in the world who wants to organise, engage and take action against environmental destruction, climate change and social injustices. It is free, easy to access online and will run from November 27 th 2019 to February 2020. 

The training consists of  six engaging modules, two live webinars and provides you with a set of online resources to access and use.

Who can take part?
You can, in fact anyone can, all we ask is that you are ready and willing to lead the change you want to see in the world. We don’t have any restrictions.

What will I need?
The course it is FREE and ONLINE. 
You just need to fill in the application form and have internet access. If you have concerns around your capability to access this online content  we have a small number of internet sticks available, so please request by email.

When does it take place?
We will start on March 23th and the last webinar is currently planned for April 30th.

What I will learn?
The training has six modules and two live webinars. You will have the chance to talk, read and reflect about different ways to be a leader, the importance of listening and how to give and receive feedback. Also you will consider the challenges and benefits of conflict and be given some methods to help work through them in a positive way. At the end you will hear about our experience of making local groups work and how to bring people together to make powerful agreements.

What do I receive?
After you complete all elements of the course Greenpeace International will send to you a diploma.

How can I join?!


Please email any questions you have to